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It's all about perspective


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Depends on how you look at the season.

If you look at playing in the SB and that's your measuring stick for this year, then you're sorely disappointed

If you're looking at where we were three years ago or even last year, you might be optimistic about where we're headed.

I live in Colorado and after numerous trips to the SB and playoffs, the Broncos finally got it right. Every team has their moment(s). Ours wasn't this year. We had an awesome regular season and clearly a very poor post-season.

I wanted us to go to the SB and win just like everyone else. I have had a day to think about the game and think we are definitely headed in the right direction. We have some young players that are showing a lot of potential and ability to take over for some of our veterans who will be leaving soon. We also have some management and scheming issues that I am faithful will be worked out to what Smitty and TD think are in the best interest of the team.

Don't get me wrong. I'm pissed as **** we lost and couldn't even listen to football on the radio as I was driving around during work today, but I guess I'm fine with having a WAY better season then expected and knowing we're on the way up.

The slogan was "RISE UP!" I think we are. It's just going to take a little longer then us impatient Falcons fans would like.

Be safe.

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