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2011 Major Overhaul For the Falcons.


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People have to understand, it is not just that we lost, but the fashion in which we lost. It seemed as if we were never in the game yesterday. Anyone who watched had to be extremely angry with what we were doing. Offense- PREDICTABLE. Defense-....(crickets). Exactly!!!. We (I know me and my family did) bought into the rise up campaign, I have never heard the dome so loud as it was last night. If it were up to Mike Smith, we would simply look into the PROCESS, and prepare for next year. HOWEVER there is the man on the white horse names Thomas Dimitroff, who is no where near finished with what he has in store for this frachise. With that being said, YOU WILL see a NEW offensive coordinator, YOU WILL see Mike smith taking more control if not total control of this defense. We will be lightly active in free agency, but no MAJOR names, look to see a John Henderson courted, Gabe Watson, as well as his partner next to him on the dline in ARI. Look to see Linebacker be addressed, Kirk Morrison, Dqwell Jackson, among many others may be courted by the front office. Look to see no Major signings in the DB area. We will look for another Wideout, chances are we will see James Jones, and Mike Sims Walker both courted. As the elite teams, are spreading the ball with 5 and 6 talented receivers, we will add more capable receivers to our roster.

Many analyst are chirping that we could see Josh Mcdaniels as our New OC He is currently with the Rams, but awaiting word im sure if we will keep Mularkey....Would Do wonders with Matt, and take this offense to the next level, especially if we can add a guy like Mike Sims Walker with Roddy, Mike Jenkins, HD, and WEEMS.....

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I really hope we do. Sometimes I look up at the sky box and Mularkey I swear looks freakin sleep. The plays were so Predictable. The interception for the TD was unbelievable. Im thinking suprise them Hit them deep for the score, no they run an out route, on their best corner??? REALLY. Who didnt see that coming. As for Mcdermot, Im not sure if we will see another defensive coordinator, even if we fire Vangorder(WHICH WE NEED TO) I think Mike will simply take over. HOWEVER if we did get a new dc I would love to give the packers LB Coach a shot, that guy could get a snale fired up to fight a dog.

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I want both McDaniels and McDermott.

McDaniels will really open this offense up. We have too many weapons to have Roddy getting 115+ catches. Jenkins almost matched his production from last year in 9 games. HD was rarely given a chance to touch the ball. No creativity. No comeback capacity. Seriously, we have White, Tony, Jenkins, HD, Weems, Snelling, Turner, Finneran, and even Mughelli, yet we know who the gameplan is going to surround... Turner and White. I really believe that McDaniels is waiting to see what TD does. I hope TD lets Mularkey go. He already let him go interview. If they really had him in the long term plans, he wouldn't have let him interview. TD knows McDaniels very well. Look at the teams left, they have OC's who use every weapon they have.

Jets: Edwards, Holmes, Tomlinson, Greene, Keller, Crotchery

Patriots: Welker, Woodhead, Branch, Tate, Gonzalez, Gronkowski

Ravens: Boldin, Mason, Housh, Rice, McClain, Heap

Packers: Jennings, Driver, Starks, Jones, Nelson, Quarless, Kuhn

We on the other hand look like this: White, Turner, Tony G... Yea we use Snelling and Finn but is it to the point where they are gameplanned for? I doubt it.

If McDaniels hasn't signed by the time the Pro Bowl comes, then he is waiting on us. Since our coaches are coaching the Pro Bowl, MM won't be going anywhere. I want to see what MM and BVG can do with all Pro Bowlers. If the NFC loses it falls squarely on them

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