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Although its never fun to endure a loss like that last night, I have to be encouraged by the direction of our organization is heading. From a historical perspective, we are turning from a loosing franchise into one that is in playoff contention every year. I feel from a national perspective we have moved from the flash in the pan (98) and a one trick pony (vick) into a more complete, more balanced team.

I do feel we are talented enough to go the distance in the nfc, but its might be unrealistic to expect to win right away. Mistakes like the momentum turning pick six can be corrected and i think we will get many more shots to redeem ourselves. This season has shown me that we are good, but not quite ready for primetime- partly because of our maturity and body language down the stretch. I think that maturity comes with experience. The more trips to the playoffs gives us the chances of being great when it counts. What really encourages me is that we have a kick *** general manager awho will make the changes necessary to be successful and the fact that we have a team that can be in the hunt every year. If you build it-they will come. By sending out a superior product on the field year after year, hopefully over time we will gradually build an enduring rabid fanbase that will rival anyone else in the nfl.

The loss last night was humiliating. But after living through many years of Falcon futility, this franchise is a more respected, more balanced club- we will get there and this chance again.

Ive never been more proud to be a falcon fan.

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i still love him and his big azz. its looking pretty big today.. glad to see he is thriving, even though its with the pats. i still wear his falcons jersey...he was a great player for us and im still grateful.

From the thread title, I thought this was going to be a post about Algae Crumpler's butt. But I +1's you anyway for being a voice of reason.

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im not sure significant change is neccessary. ever since the revival, the front office has been adding pieces to the puzzle. BVG made some good calls, you have to credit rodgers for being mobile in the pocket (a la breeze) allowing him to narrowly miss the blitzer. I am sure that our front office will make changes they feel are needed.

take the eagles for example. i felt their team clearly lacked personnel to take it the distance.

i dont know if the answer is a new oc/dc. i think they have done a good job all year, but if the front office wills it, i will yield to their greater wisdom.

i would hope this loss will make this team grow and force us to look and learn from the past mistakes....its not just about winning the regular season, but to peak at the right time. we ran up against the hottest team in football...they are really talented and may go all the way this year..

but lets face it: when was the last time the falcons were the number one seed? we've come a long way...we are not a fluke and we are here to stay..

Without SIGNIFICANT CHANGE - A severe loss like this WILL set this team back- don't fool yourself

It shows we have at least 8 starting positions that need new players

+ at least new DC and possibly OC

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