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With today's loss, I think we will have 28th pick


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With today's loss, I think we will have the 28th pick. Is that correct?

Did today's loss change your opinion on our off season needs? Is there a position now that is a higher priority than before?

As far needs I still see the needs as: a dynamic pass rushing DE & 1-2 explosive skill position players on offense, ideally a speed Rb & quick/YAC WR.

With remaining draft spots and FA I would like to add 1 playmaking OLB, a mauler on O-lineman and a big physical CB.

Today's game really didn't change a lot for me but if I had to chose 1 thing I guess I would be a little less excited about drafting TE Kyle Rudolph with 1st pick. Although I think he is a great TE prospect, I would like to add more explosive players at other positions. I think our offense needs to open up a little more & be a little less predictable. I just hope TG stays so TE doesn't become a position of absolute need.

Just my thoughts. Bt the way, if you haven't read the other forums like Talk About the Falcons.....well...the sky is falling in & we need to revamp everything starting with QB...jeez


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I think TD and MS have the development of our team setup in stages. First being offense and a core to build (2008 off-season). Second being the defense and adding speed and young to what was an aging defense (2009) and third being addressing key areas and depth. I can see this off-season being more of the same as last year were we are addressing key areas (pass rushing) mainly and adding talent/depth in certain areas (OL and LB).

I think we will sign more FA this off-season more second tier players at discount rates. Depending on the CBA there will be about 500 FA available which obviously will drive the market value down on alot of older yet still have something in the tank type players who are in search of a ring. I personally don't think we need a complete overhaul, I think a knee jerk reaction would be to go out and over spend players that won't have a dramatic impact.

CB:I can't really see us drafting another CB because we are already so young in the secondary with developing talent. I would love to see about sign a Bailey, Asomugha or Marshall type CB for about 7-8 mill over the coarse of about 4 years. I am not bashing Grimes because I love his heart but he is just physically too small and even thou he makes up for it with his athleticism there will be a time when that fades.

RB:I think there will be plenty of options between the 3rd-4th rounds so no worry their as this will be a very deep draft for that position.

WR:I know alot of people here think we need this super WR to play off White and that may be partly true however some of our deficiency lies with the Ryan's development.

OL: Needs some help and depth.

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OC - one who will attack down the field and will pass to open up the run. One who is unpredictable and will make an arsenal of passing plays. Enter, Josh McDaniels. He will play to win, not playing to not to lose.

DC - an aggressive minded coach who will throw everything at the QB. One who allows our CBs to play press. One who will instill a killers mentality who will get rid of the awful bend but don't break. One who will take away to the short yardage plays and gives the Qb a small window. The only people in zone should be our safeties because time and time again, we can't play zone when there is no push, and we will always get beat over the middle. We need someone who will take those plays away and take away the inside stuff that has killed us. I have no idea who is available but we need a Bears type of Defense.

WR - not really a number 2. Just one or two WR with speed. Jerrel Jernigan, Tandon Doss, Matt Szczur, Titus Young, Greg Little, etc. Then another WR in the later rounds like Vincent Brown, Greg Salas, Jordan White, Aldrick Robinson, and etc. This is a deep WR class, and we need to get two speed guys who can separate, create mismatches, and has good hands, Robiskie can do teach the rest, but we just need to get Matt some options. Steve Smith is going to be a FA also I believe.

DE - A killer pass rusher who has a good motor, sheds blocks well, and can play the run. Sign Charles Johnson from Carolina. If they don't let him walk we don't have many options in the draft, our only shot is in the first round. Aldon Smith, JJ Watt, and Justin Houston may be our only options. Wimbley from Oakland is a FA as well.

TE - one who can take over for Tony. One who is athletic and can inline block. Just need a faster TE who can get YAC and run good routes, get some separation. Of TG retires, we shouldn't spend a first on one, way too many other needs. If he does we have to grab either Kyle Rudolph, DJ Williams, or Lance Kendricks. If he doesn't, I say we might just grab Williams or Kendricks anyway, also look for Stephen Skelton late, very quick for a TE, hard to bring down, gets separation, and has great hands.

RB - we need a change of pace back, we are a dome team, we need speed! Someone who is a homerun hitter like Norwood was, can catch out of the backfield, and can outrun every. There is only one true home run hitter RB in the draft IMO and that is Devine. Get him and we would have a mismatch nightmare. Other than that, there are some quick shifty guys like Todman, Quizz Rodgers, and Dion Lewis. Any of these guys would fit the bill and give us the speed we need.

CB - I wish we could get Nnamdi, but if we keep play 10 yards off of a man, even he will be exposed. I would love to grab him, but probably not likely we do. Champ is an option, but idk how likely that is either. Our secondary is young, by we need a true NB. Owens has really let me down, Franks could step up but we need more depth. Just a bigger faster CB would be nice. Someone like Curtis Marsh or Johnny Patrick. Both a physical and we need some more of that.

OLB - Nicholas could start, but we need a true head buster out there that can cover ground as well. It will be hard to find one early but I could see us taking one around round 3 if the right guy is there. I like Martez Wilson. Faster LB who can tackle through the player. If the right guy is there take him. If not then find some depth late.

All I can think of for now. Will add later.

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Fast, aggressive skill players that should be available from our pick onwards like: Szczur, Ronald Johnson, Aldrick Robinson, Titus Young, Jernigan, Devine, Todman, Murray, Rodgers, Cecil Shorts, Baldwin, Vincent Brown, DeAndre Brown.

And there's fair few in FA too. Sproles, Bradshaw, Williams, Rice, Smith and co.

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-New Coordinators: Mularkey is running an offense that is outdated and is exceptionally predictable and VanGorder doesn't seem to know what he's doing at times and goes into prevent mode once there is a lead which leads to defensive meltdowns. We need more aggression and unpredictability on both sides of the ball.

-LDE: Abraham desperately needs a complement opposite of him because Biermann just isn't cutting it. If we got someone who was able to get just 6 or 7 sacks in a season would be a massive improvement as it would take pressure off Abraham and would open up the interior for Babs and Jerry when he begins starting again next season. Charles Johnson out of free agency would be perfect.

-TE: Gonzalez has regressed all season, there are no guarantees that he'll return, and he wasn't even available for the one reason he was brought here. That leaves Peele and Palmer and I doubt anyone is confident with either of them being the starter. I'd love to get Kyle Rudolph as he is a good blocker and a good receiver, which is what we need.

-#2 Receiver: I gave Jenkins a chance to really step up his game this season and he blew it. He just is not a threat in anyway as he is sluggish and has a habit of missing wide open plays. I would like to inject some speed into the offense here to add a vertical threat to the passing game which would open up the middle for Douglas and whoever our TE will be and will take a defender off of White.

-Change of pace running back: The running game needs another threat to take carries from Turner. Again, here is where I'd put some speed into the offense. Add a quick back who will add a true backfield passing threat and can run around the tackles.

-Nickelback: This has been a need pretty much every year during the Smith era. Owens isn't panning out, Williams is old, and I have no idea about Franks. We need to fill this need pronto.

-Interior O-linemen: McClure is old, Dahl is becoming a liability, and Blalock suddenly showed up during a contract year. I have confidence that Hawley and Johnson will take two of these positions but I'd like to add some depth to get some competition out of free agency or the draft.

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I'm only answering the last subtitle part of what

the 1st guy in the thread wrote - Did that game make any

difference? YES That game was a game changer

All season long you could go to NFL.com under news

and then transactions. Every 4th or 5th week throughout

every other team was making some kind of personnel change.

NOT so much for the Falcons; incredibly stable for 2010.

Mike Smith was committed to his people, and that's

a good thing. And, that would have been a tight

group had they gotten to the SUPER BOWL

this big fat failure means Coach is going

to more easily be able to kiss some goodbye.

Success would have meant the number of draftees

or FA or undrafted rookies who would have had

a chance in camp would have been like 3 or 4.

Now more likely 6 or 8 or 10

I don't like to speculate about who

those might be, but ...

Not in this thread maybe but in this forum,

I see fans hungry for a DT. Well, Corey Peters

had a good season, and everybody likes Babineaux, so

does former #1 pick Jerry need to get traded?

I like Ryan, but I caused a stir in

the main forum by saying that he needed

to feel some heat in training camp.

Don't draft a late round QB?

Remember when Matt Shaub came

with Vick already on the team?

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