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The REAL reason we lost today


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We lost today's game in the trenches!!!!

They rushed 4 got good pressure we rushed 4 he had all day to throw..

I have seen threads about we need a #2 WR... Jenkins had a great day... a fast WR who can run deep is pointless if we cannot block long enough to do so.

Others are about Matt Ryan Arm Strength.... I didn't see a lot of room to step up in to passes today.

Offensive needs are: Oline, Change of pace back and maybe a Slot WR (TE if Tony retires)

Defensively we need a DE maybe two who can get to the passer.

I have seen threads blaming this on BVG play calling we missed A.Rod in a 1 on 1 tackle situation about 5 times... he usually made a good throw after that because a CB can only cover so long (Owens was horrible he just held no confidence in himself to at least try to cover).

If we get those sacks they have long conversions ahead of them and Maybe just MAYBE we make them punt!!! but not much you can do as a DC when your player cannot get to the QB so when you send extra players they just miss them.

This game is won and lost in the trenches today we got dominated that is why we lost.

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