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Please help me understand


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Aaron Rodgers began his press conference with "their defense is a very good defense" are you ******* kidding me?

don't think i've ever seen a #1 seed play this bad.

everyone here complains about "omg media always picking the opponent" or "we never get respect"

how the **** do you expect to get respect when you lose on national T.V against the saints first off and now in your playoff game you're supposed to be rested and ready to go and you lose 48-21??????


there was one point in the season i thought we would go 14-2, all hope was lost when we lost to the saints, seattle and carolina were **** opponents, we did not go into the playoffs with a good push.

when we lost to the saints, matt ryan and the falcons were no longer the "best home team", they figured us out, and everyone KNEW packers were going to win, but not even the haters believed it would be this way.

garbage performance, but a ******* **** of a season nonetheless, i am ******* angry but i ******* hope these guys get MAD and they ******* destroy next year screw u h8ers.

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