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Dear Falcons

Mojo Risin

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After watching that embarrassing effort in your own stadium, I can only snicker and shake my head. Here is my list of criticism.

1: Learn to tackle. Get some pop warner kids to come show these guys how to wrap up a QB and finish the play. Athletes being juked out of their shoes by a quarterback is sad. Just sad.

2: Invest some money into the secondary. Grimes and Robinson show promise but if our Defensive coordinator can't find the identity for his defense, get some players here that can help him decide if he wants to be soft or if he wants to be aggressive. If BVG still can't find his defense's identity, help him find his gonads.

3: Let Mularkey go. Help him with his cover sheet and resume for his upcoming interviews. There we are, three touchdowns down with 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter and no momentum and our genius OC runs the ball on second down. That was a slap to the fan's faces. I have had the "wait and see" approach with him since he has been here. He has done some questionable things but I have reached the boiling point with him.

4: Mike Smith. You have turned things around in a positive way but I'm afraid you need to find your guts, as well. Don't make the same mistake Mora did and let your coordinators anchor you down with a sinking ship. I want a defense. We need a defense. If you want to have a conservative offense and direct your starting QB to be "wise" and just make the short to middle throws to play it safe, then get a harsh D to rely on. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for disaster somewhere along the line whether it be regular season games or in the playoffs.

5: Matt Ryan. If I see you in your fourth season dumping the ball down short of the first down marker on third down as much as you have so far, I'm going to go insane. I have clenched my teeth all season watching you do this. Jenkins has vertical speed. USE IT! I Still have faith in you but you need to step up and show something elite if you want to be considered elite.

6: Michael Turner. Everyone loved your '08 season. In my opinion, you are burned out. You don't have any of the drive you had before. Your injuries have made you soft. So many times you break 1 or two tackles but then dive at the ankles of the next oncoming tackler. Also, what kind of starting RB can't be a threat to catch a pass? You contribute to the troubles of this offense. When you're on the field, it's pretty much certain that it's a run. I've given up on you. Your backup shows more heart. I would prefer not to see more games with "Turner for 2 yards" consistently. You do well against piss poor teams but we can't find you when we need you. Your stat padding games against weak opponents hasn't gone unnoticed.

7: Arthur Blank. I hope you took a long hard look at that field tonight. We fans never want to see our field disrespected with teams pissing on our logo or players celebrating in the 3rd quarter after we were just flat out raped as the #1 seed. This may have been our best chance for finally having this team become Champions before a potential lockout next season. I will speak for myself on this and say that I like the direction the team has gone but this better not be the plateau. This team is only halfway where it needs to be. The offense needs improvement and this defense needs to learn the basics apparently. You, just like the rest of us, should be embarrassed by what was displayed tonight.

8: The whole team. Wipe those smiles off of your faces. You should have been wearing dresses tonight. Weak tackling and no heart. All one can do is shake their head at you.

Once again, an Atlanta team chokes. Once again, we get to see another team celebrate on our turf. ****, a loss is understandable but this game was pretty much over at half time after the INT. Green Bay is a good team but something was not right tonight. This team played like it was preseason. Quit relying on the fans to make noise and GIVE US SOMETHING TO CHEER FOR FIRST! The fans show up to make noise and the team doesn't.

Also, stop selling your ******* tickets to opposing team's fans. If your *** won't go to the game, quit buying tickets. All you do is block Falcon fans from getting tickets and create the atmosphere where we have to hear WHO DAT at the ends of games or see and hear fans chanting GO PACK GO at the end. If you're a STH and sell your tickets, I hope you get hit by a bus. Hearing fans roar up our stadium is becoming pathetic.

Finally, my condolences go out to Tony G. It won't shock me if you don't come back next season. You had that look on your face like you were questioning it on the sideline. Sorry we couldn't you at least 1 playoff win.

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