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Matty Ryan - Has he peaked?

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All of them can do the same thing at the end of the day. That's get the ball anywhere they want. Look at Brady, how does he have, Welker? He's good but he's not in the league of Roddy White. Indy has Reggie Wayne who has lost a step. I watch all these teams. Atlanta WR's core is good. One the the strengths of the team. As is their running game. The line is good, does what they need to do as same can be said with Ryan. Our WR's aren't GB's, no one is but we are better than most teams. What do you want. Roddy, Calvin Johnson, and Welker in the slot. Man, it really comes down to Ryan. It does. I mentioned Manning because those guys can move it anywhere and we want our QB to be mention in that realm. How is that possible, how. He's a game manager, probably the best game manager there is but he can't move the ball all over the field. Blame the OC, blame the coach, blame everyone but Matt but he's the issue when we play big games.

Personally, he can't look to Ryan leading us to a ring without building an elite defense like Tampa Bay or Baltimore when they won titles. Our issue is, they have three elite QB's in the NFC. Brees, Vick, and Rodgers. If those teams have very good teams, they can easily win given the fortitude to win. We have to be excellent in the draft. No more Jamaal Anderson instead of Revis or Willis. No more Peria Jerry over Clay "f**kin" Matthews. We have to be better in the draft. Also sign Albert Haynesworth. I don't like him but we need a playmaker on defense in the worst way. Too many role players. I doubt we will sign Aso.

Jordy Nelson > Michael Jenkins. I'm not saying we need Calvin Johnson and Welker but when the packers' number 4 receiver is better than our number 2, that's a bit of an advantage. Wouldn't ya say?

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