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Earn it? Really Really

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Did anyone just watch the NFL Gameday segment. where they say that Falcons are running scared and Falcons are not happy to hear it.

And Most of them said They need to EARN IT.. Really.

After 13-3 and #1 Seed in NFL. We still needs to Earn it.. I like it.. pump the Falcons player more and more.

Go Falcons


Yeah I saw it. Haters gonna hate.

Mooch giving Falcons props now.

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Yea I saw and wish someone would have said the Falcons earned respect by being the #1 seed in the NFC.

7-1 at home 6-2 on the road. We won 3 straight games during a 3 game road trip which has only been done a couple of time in the NFL.

We won 6 games against teams with winning records, unlike the Saints we destroyed Seattle AT SEATTLE, hey we even freaking beat Green Bay.

We went 4 games without a turn over and were the lowest penalized team in the NFL. Our team scream balance, discipline, chemistry and hard fighting come back wins. Our team is the complete opposite of our 2004 team which is a good thing. No smoke and mirrors we were the most balanced and consistent team in the NFL this year, including the Patriots. The only teams we lost to had 10 or more wins this year every other good team in the NFL lost to a bad team at some point.

F**** them we earned respect, just cause the media is literally acting like douches towards us does not mean we did not earn our record this year.

I hope will kill Green Bay tonight, what the heck are the pundits going to do for the next couple of weeks if we got to and win the Superbowl?

Can't ignore us then.

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Yes, you actually have to WIN this game to have earned the right to move on..things are not just handed to the ATL Falcons or GB Packers.

It's not about moving on, its about getting respect. These are 2 very good football teams, both of whom deserve respect and should be shown it people in the media who are supposed to be fair and impartial.

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