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Anything worth watching on TV tonight?

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I think they are showing Jimmy Johnson's first season with the Cowboys 1-15 a can't miss in the Neilsons's... :lol:


Ahh yes, 1-15. Only three seasons from the first of 3 Super bowls in the 90's.

The last time Atlanta had a 1 win season was in 1967, and it's still 43 years and counting from ONE Super Bowl. B)

But you did get those back to back winning seasons only 42 years later. Congrats!

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Just pull up one of your most favorite "Desperate Housewhores" episodes and snuggle up with a fresh hot chocolate.....

Ahh, a Bucs fan sitting on the couch with us watching the play-offs.Back to the kiddie table, lil nipper. And clean up those fruit loops you spilled.Those things don't grow on any trees outside your family tree, ya know!

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The funny thing is the whole NFC South has been to the big game in the 1.6 decades since "America's Team" was last relevant. Changing of the guard. NFC South is the best division in football.

The funnier thing is, COMBINED the South doesn't have as many Super Bowls as the Cowboys themselves had in the 90's. But the south, like Buffalo, just be happy getting there.

Cowboys VS NFC South:

Atlanta _14-8

Carolina 8-1

Nawlins 15-9

Tamps 9-3

Not impressed with the new little bully hollering down the street. :lol:

And the rest of the East mostly agree.

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