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Mark Schlereth challenges Falcons

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Mark Schlereth from NFL Live threw a red challenge flag that was directed at the Atlanta Falcons, challenging the Falcons to show him and the rest of the league that we are the best team in the NFC as our record indicates. That Ryan is an elite quarterback who can win big playoff games. That we don't choke when on the big stage. "Show me Falcons", he says, "Show me that you are the team to beat". Did anyone else see this? It got me fired up.

Rise up, Falcons!!

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That is all ok, but why should we have to prove anything? What has this GB team done in the past 3 yrs with Rodgers at the helm? The same thing we have..... Lose a close game to Arizona Cardinals on the road in the 1st rd of the playoffs. 13-3 tells me everything I need to know about this team. The pundits question us b/c frankly they have never watched our games. The only game they saw us play was the Monday night game against the Saints plus maybe the Thurs night game against the Ravens. That's it. If they watched all year they would see the most balanced offensive team with the 3rd best scoring defense in the league. We are not flashy, we just bend your will until it breaks completely. Heck I think we avg more points than the Saints, but b/c it was not done with 50yd bombs it doesn't count. Didn't our WR lead the league in receptions. Wasn't our RB #3 in the league in rushing? If the Pats or Packers had those stats and were playing at home they would be 10 point favorites....

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