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Zac Brown Band to sing National Anthem Sat. Nite

Bring It

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Keeping it local. NICE!

Excellent post bro.

This is the ATL. We can throw country, pop, hip hop, R&B, soul, whateva at you. At a high level. Grammy level son.

There are plenty Falcon fans that like Zac Brown.

Keep it it local. We never need to leave the A to find someone to sing the Anthem. Ever. Trust me.

Focus on the game people. Not the media or the anthem singers.

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I ain't a big country fan either.

But the Zac Brown Band rocks.

Zac can dang near set that guitar on fire when he starts his banjo picking.

I don't even like pigeon holing them into the country genre. They are southern music, like Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Some of their themes are Jimmy Buffettish, but they are much better musicians than Jimmy.


And I have heard them do the National Anthem before. Those boys do an AWESOME job.

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Ughhh why a ******* country band? Why not a metal band, get Sebastian Bach, Axl Rose, or The Guy from Nonpoint to do it. Anything but country.

IT'S THE FREAKING NATIONAL ANTHEM, WTF. Zac Brown Band is from Georgia anyway, the washed up remnant of a human being Axel Rose couldn't find Georgia if his life depended on it.

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What's up with all the hate in this thread lol? It's just a national anthem. Like the poster ahead of me said, it's not like they are going to perform one of their songs.

C'mon people, grow up a little. You don't have to enjoy their music, but please appreciate what they are doing for the Atlanta Falcons.

To this I say.........................................Amen !!

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Seriously, if you think all of their stuff is like "Chicken Fried", then you are mistaken. I'm a huge music fan. I don't listen to much mainstream stuff, much less country music, and I'm telling you that if you listen to their albums and watch them live they are a legitimate band. "Chicken Fried" made them famous, but it's hardly what most of their songs are like both musically and lyrically.

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