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In Your Opinion, how can the Dirty Birds become dangerous team on Dfense next year?


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I say get rid of Trey Lewis, Jamaal Anderson, Mike Peterson, Brian Williams and get Charles Johnson (if Carolina doesn't want him), Richard Seymour (probably ask too much $ but if not we can try to grab Ngata), Tamba Hali, and Champ Bailey.

Yeah lets just cut everyone playing for us now because we lost 3 games this year. Go back to playing Madden why don't you. Sheesh where do these people come from?

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As some have already mentioned, we definitely need a bona fide DE with great pass rush skills opposite Abe...I would love it if Biermann and/or Sidbury could take their games to the next level, but I honestly don't know if either has it in him...Sidbury hasn't even seen the field, so it's pretty difficult to assess his ability.

Another stud OLB to replace Peterson (as much as would hate losing his leadership skills), would be a nice upgrade, as well...Would be nice to bring a strong FA right here.

I like our young and improving CBs, but it just feels as if something is "missing". I like Grimey alot and D Rob is still a work in progress (I guess), but I don't think teams "fear" them.

That said, it's hard to complain about much with a 13-3 team. I guess I'm just GREEDY! :P

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