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6'0 200lbs RB Taiwan Jones


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I have heard of him but never watched him. He is very very impressive, could be a mid-late round steal. I just wonder what his 40 time will be. If he runs anywhere in the 4.4 we should def look at him.

well now..... :ph34r:

Here are the two things that REALLY stood out to me:

1- he does not demonstrate 'showboat tendencies' even at the end of his long runs when he knows he is clear to the endzone; he finishes into the endzone :D

2- he demonstrates good ball security skills and focus in his carries

He comes from a spread so he is used to catching the ball pretty well apparently.

I could see him as a K/O returner, and obviously as a 3rd Down RB and in '0 sets' B)

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I've never heard of him. 3:42 of the first video is pretty sick though.

It's really hard to tell how fast he is. I noticed a few defenders catching up to him on a couple of plays. He definitely likes to juke a lot, and he definitely likes to bounce it outside a whole lot. I'd like to see him at the combine.

He does look incredibly skinny to be running the ball though. He looks more like a WR than a RB out there.

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