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Good afternoon everyone!

I have a question for those of you who go to a lot of Falcons games...I am headed to the game tomorrow, but I don't get the opportunity to go to many Falcons games, thus i dont know much about parking. I have seen the advisories regarding heavy traffic downtown, and am considering taking Marta. I live up in the Roswell area, so I can get to a station pretty easily.

So, my question is...is Marta easy? I personally prefer to drive myself, but if taking Marta will eliminate hassle, then I am all for it. Any ideas/thoughts/recommendations you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


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It backs up some waiting to leave the game, but it is definitely a good way to go. If you do not have a pass, parking will be very expensive. I use it from Alpharetta for all of the games unless I have a parking pass.

I plan on riding Marta in tomorrow. Is the snow/ice affecting Marta?

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