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Jan 13th Mock


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1. WR Torrey Smith 6-1 205 Maryland

2. TE Luke Stocker 6-5 253 TN

3. RB Shane Vereen 5-10 205 Cal/Kendall Hunter 5-8 200 OK St.

4. DE Greg Romeus 6-5 270 Pitt

5. LT Willie Smith 6-5 290 E. Carolina

6. CB Ryan Jones 5-11 195 NW Mizzou St.

7. FB Anthony Sherman 5-11 240 UCONN

7. OLB Jonas Mouton 6-2 240 Michigan

7. MLB Akeem Dent 6-1 234 Georgia

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Guest atl.falcon4ever

I love your mock draft & would be very happy with it. Just why did you chose 1. WR Torrey Smith 6-1 205 Maryland as the receiver of choice. Is he the best that will be there when we pick? Can you give me some info. or point me in the right direction to see why this guy is our clear cut #1 choice if we go wide out in the 1st. Not disagreeing, just outside of the SEC I have to go for peoples word on guys cause I know little about them.

Also as much as I like your draft I feel we will draft someone on the o-line before the 5th, unless we do something free agency.

Also I heard that this year due to the business side of the game, we may draft before free agency, unlike all the other years. That will make us reach as well as all teams for positions of need if that happens. So if that does happen, we will have to go L.D.E. although I would much rather grab one through free agency with our 1st pick.

I really like Shane Vereen and would take him with our 2nd if I felt he might be gone before we pick again. Or trade up/down into the 3rd to get him. I have watched him and think he would solidify our running back, change of pace guy for years.

Then in the next year or two we need to find someone who can feel Turner's shoes. Because he is effective but I feel he has peaked and the best years or behind him or close to it. I really like the running back at Alabama backing up Mark Ingram, (Trent Richardson). Michael Turner's style of running, he takes a beating every game, so his shelf life will not be as long as I wish it would be. I am not sold on any of this years tight ends except, Kyle Rudolph, and I do not like his injury concerns. I think if we can hold onto Gonzalez at least another year, taking a tight end in a later round or waiting till next year might be a better idea, since the T.E. class is so weak this year.

But overall good draft.

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I'm going to disagree on the 1st two picks but the rest is good. I don't like Stocker that much at TE and I'm undecided on Smith so far. I'd be more content with going Kyle Rudolph in the 1st and then some WR in the 2nd. Or WR in the 3rd if we decide to go RB in the 2nd.

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I'm going to disagree on the 1st two picks but the rest is good. I don't like Stocker that much at TE and I'm undecided on Smith so far. I'd be more content with going Kyle Rudolph in the 1st and then some WR in the 2nd. Or WR in the 3rd if we decide to go RB in the 2nd.

I was high on Rudolph in the 1st, but now I'm thinking his injuries will cause him to fall into the 2nd.

I think we will go BPA in the 1st. I don't think the DE we need will be there. And with the WR's going

back to school I see Smith going late 1st. I'll rather have a healthy threat at WR/KR in Smith. Now if

I reached for a DE it would be Sheard. I think he is gonna have a great career. He should go 2nd rd tho.

A lot of ppl thought we reached for Peters last year and look how that is turning out. But I think Smith

is the safest way to go.

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I don't think that we will take a WR in the first round. Smith and TD looked very satisfied with their young guys. Jenkins is a coaches' favorite and White is a fixture. If we add a WR, I expect that he will come by way of FA. Stocker has been a major disappointment. Vereen and Hunter are likely to go earlier in this draft. The same goes for Mouton. Romeus was a suspect pass rusher when he was healthy. His stats were padded against very weak opponents. The knock on him was that once he was blocked, he simply gave up.

You may be right about Rudolph dropping out of the first round. At the same time, there should be at least two QB-needy teams that will want to move up from the second round to the late first. I think that there is a solid opportunity to move several places down and pick up an additional third round pick. Before I get into what I would try to do, let's take a look at our needs.

Our immediate needs are: DE, LT, Offensive skill position and LB.

DE: Abraham has been our best defender for years. He poses the only serious pass rushing threat on this team. If a pass rushing talent drops to our position, we pretty much have to take him. Reality: this will not happen. Starter quality DE's rise up draft boards. Kerney was a great exception, but I wouldn't count on a player like him dropping to the 30-32 range. If we catch a miracle, Aldon Smith will drop........dreaming.

LT: Baker is a good LT, when healthy. The problem is that he is just physically talented enough to get the job done. When he has a small injury, his performance drops. I think that Ryan is a future top three QB. I'd like to do everything we can to protect him. If a legit LT prospect falls into our laps, it would be great. Reality: Just like DE's this will not likely happen.

Offensive Skill Player: We have a decent offense that can plod up the field and chew up the clock. The problem is that our work horses have worn off a little too much tread. Turner is approaching the big 30 and Gonzalez has already started to slow down. We need at least one young player that can shoulder the burdens of moving the chains.

LB: We have a solid group of LB's. Lofton and Weathespoon are locked into their starter roles. However, Nicholas has not made a case to start over an aging Peterson. Even if we re-sign Nicholas, it would make sense to look at another speedy LB. I don' think that we should draft one early, but another prospect at this position would be a good idea.

By the time our pick rolls around, the best DE's, LT's and WR's will be gone. I suspect that the top two RB's might be off the board as well. As I mentioned earlier, I think that we will be hearing from teams in the early second round. I say we make the move down and pick up the extra third rounder. If we do that, we may still be able to draft Rudolph.

Why Rudolph? He fits our scheme best. He is a dual threat TE. He blocks well and willingly. He also is an excellent receiver. He is in the mold of Pettigrew and Witten. He is not a burner, but at 4.6, he runs very well. Defenses would have to treat him with respect. Gone will be the days of parking Svitek next to Baker.

My alternative mock:

2a Rudolph

2b Marcus Cannon. This kid is big and has enough agility to handle the RT position as a rookie. He also has the tools to develop into a future LT. The Dallas Cowboys are pissed that they didn't even make the playoffs. JJ will gladly out bid us for Clabo. So, why not take a solid replacement? Valdez and Reynolds may have to kick into the interior to replace Dahl.

3a Matt Sczur. (speeling) He is like a Welker with more girth. He can play WR or scat back. He takes care of two positions.

3b Davon House. Excellent cover skills and smarts. He needs to add about ten lbs. Park him behind our CB's, he provides great insurance in a pass happy division.

4 Markus White. A long and quick DE that played on a suspect FSU defense. He was the coaches' favorite for a reason. He is another promising young DE prospect.

5 Jarvis Jenkins. A big, athletic DT. Babs is getting up in age, Perry's knee is a question mark and Trey's knees are shot. We need to build a new rotation and Jenkins fits the bill.

6 and 7th rounds: BPA.

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I don't know what you mean about Nicholas not showing enough to warrant the start. He's played better than Peterson and Weatherspoon and has played more snaps than the both of them. He's a good player and I'd be happy to have him as a starter next year.

Cannon is extremely raw with his techniques and I find it hard to believe that he can start at tackle as a rookie. He's too inconsistent right now and he needs to improve using his hands better, along with playing harder (can be coached but he won't be ready to go right away, imo)

House might be a good backup. Don't think he'll ever start because he's a poor tackler and is bad against the run. Instincts need to get better... May be gone by then.

Not a big fan of Jenkins. He's not a good pass rusher, more of a run stuffer. Doesn't fit our 1-gap scheme like Babs and Jerry do.

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