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2 tickets for Division playoff in corner mezzanine

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These tickets are in section 239, row 11. For about $30 more per ticket you can move from the uppers to the mezz level which has better food and shorter lines for concessions and restrooms. It has a Taco Mac and "2View", which is the best restaurant in the dome. The sample menu is here. Let me tell you, the Southern Smoked Sliders are to die for.

We are asking $130 per ticket which is exactly what we paid ($125/ea + $10 handling for the pair). You can make another offer but I feel this team is worth what they are asking at face.

These tickets are for Falcons fans only and are great seats. I can email them, leave them at will call, or meet you outside the dome. We will be tailgating outside gate D in the Brown Lot beginning about 5pm and you are welcome to join us for a toast! We have held season tickets since 1968 and bought these in addition to our regular seats. When we take out the Packers you will have first option to purchase the same pair of seats for the NFCCG. Or another set directly behind us, dead center mezz endzone.

If you haven't yet bought tickets to see the best Falcon team of this century make their playoff debut, then WTH are you waiting for??? Call my cell @770-845-7205 or email jtharris1818@yahoo.com and RISE UP!!!


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