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Have ESP--Atlanta will WIN the Game and here’s how


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Not extrasensory perception but an extra simplistic perception. Matthews says that in reality, the Falcons' offense goes through running back Michael Turner, and that's the player the Packers are most focused on heading into Saturday's playoff game.

"There's a key guy you have to key in on every week," Matthews said on the Dan Patrick Show. "Last week it was Vick. This week it's Turner, and stopping the run."

Clearly, the Packers will likely commit to stopping Michael Turner this time around. They are going to stack the line of scrimmage and commit to stopping Michael Turner just like NO did. The Packers are certainly capable of stopping Turner if they stack the line with their defense. If the Packers stymie the Falcons running game enough by stacking the line, Ryan will have to make them pay a price. Charles Woodson and Sam Shields believe they will be able hold their own against White and Jenkins. They did in the first game. In that game, White and Jenkins only combined for 73 yards. I would not call that a great performance by the Falcons receivers. Gonzales was the leading receiver in that game with 51 yards. But Atlanta still won primarily because Turner rushed for 110 rushing yards. So do you believe that one or both of the Falcons wide receivers will have a big game against GBs CBs? I believe this will prove to be the key to the game rather than Turner. Specifically, GBs 5th ranked passing defense against Atlantas 15th ranked passing offense. I think the Falcons receivers, particularly White, will have an outstanding game this time around. They have to for the Falcons to win. Disagree?

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