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The "Are you crazy?" mock

Red Rain

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When I did my reseach last year, I determined that the Falcons top priorites (the ones they were most likely to use an early round pick on) were: DE, WR, DT, & OLB. They filled two of those (OLB & DT), leading me to believe the top two priorites in 2010 will be DE & WR.

Other than drafting at the bottom of each round, I'm really not sure which picks the Falcons will have in 2011, but I think these are right (enough for a draft anyway).

Without futher ado, here we go.

1. Jabaal Sheard DE Pittsburgh 6-3 260 4.76

This draft has a number of good defensive ends that should be available at the end of the first round. I'm pretty sure getting a DE is at the top of our needs list.

2. Titus Young WR Boise State 5-11 180 4.48

The Falcons were looking like crazy at early wide receivers last year. It leads me to believe then think it is a priority.

3. Sione Fua DT Stanford 6-2 306 5.16

A DT? Really? Yes really. Mike Smith has always lived and died by the quality of his d-line. D-line should the the strong point of any Mike Smith defense. The Falcons drafted a DT last year in case Jerry didn't make it back to 100%. He still isn't the player they had hoped for. Given how much the Falcons rotate at DT, I'm thinking this is an area they want to improve.

4. Doug Hogue OLB Syracuse 6-2 226 4.59

The Falcons are enamoured with speed at the LB position. Peterson is reaching the end of his playing days and will need a replacement. Even with Nicholas in the wings, we need new blood here.

5. Ryan Jones CB Northwest Missouri State 5-11 195 4.42

Is he a cornerback or is he a free safety? I don't know. I noticed last year that the Falcons scouted a lot of defensive backs at both positions that fit a specific profile: 5-11 to 6-0, 190-200 pounds, sub 4.5/40, good cover skills. Dimitroff also has a penchant for drafting DBs nobody else has heard of. Jones fits right in. Essentially Jones is the type of DB that can play anywhere in the secondary--a TD kind of player.

6. Moncell Allen FB Kentucky 5-07 232 4.52

Once you get past Turner and Snelling, the Falcons are pretty thin at RB. Norwood (imho) can no longer be relied on (even as a backup), and none of the other backs have showed enoungh promise to hang your hat on. The question is: do you go for a speed back like Norwood, or a power back like Snelling?

I went for the power back. The Falcons have developed a grinding running game. Allen is a very similar player to Snelling (both, btw, played FB in college), although with better speed. Should either Turner or Snelling go down, he would allow the Falcons to continue on with a similar rotation.

7. Correy Earls WR/DB Georgia Tech 6-0 196 4.39

Has played both DB and WR in college. At this point you are looking for guys that can make the team. Earls has the physical skills to make the team as a special teamer, and enough upside to develop into a positional player.

7. Schuylar Oordt TE Northern Iowa 6-6 245 4.59

I'm not of the opinion that TE is near the top of their priority list (it certainly wasn't last year). That doesn't mean that won't be looking for a developmental guy. Again, here is a guy that can contribute right away as a special teamer, and develop into a regular contributer.

7. Kendall Smith ILB Florida State 6-0 235 4.59

The Falcons lover super athletic players, and Smith has been called the best pure athelete on the current FSU team. The Falcons really don't have a true backup ILB. He seems worth taking as a developmental player.


I did not mock an offensive tackle in this draft, because I think it will be like DE was last year. If they find a LT in the first round, they might draft him, but they aren't in such a bad position that they are going to draft someone just to say they drafted a LT. Unless they can get a super stud early, they won't draft a LT.

The Falcons did their center and guard shopping last year. So I'm not seeing them picking one up in this draft.

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My favorite DE for where we will be picking is Sheard. I know about the "Falcon Filter", but I would be tempted

to take Sheard in the late first. Last year Romeus was given 1-2 rd grade, but word was that Sheard was the

better pass rusher. Even Dorin Dickerson said that about Sheard. He was the Big East Def player of the year. And

if he was considered to be a better pass rusher than Romeus, then he should be at least a late first rd pick.

Who ever gets Sheard will be getting a great DE.

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I like your mock. And could see the first two rounds going that way. I actually have little problem with adding some more stoutness to the DLine. But while you added a speed wr to the corps (it's needed), i just don't see them not adding a bunch more weapons to this slow offense. And adding another power back to the rotation--why? Just re-sign Snelling. I think we look to add a passcatching back with some speed to our rb stable and add at least 2 receiving threats early--be it TE or WR. LB is a great spot for adding a FA. They'll be several good FA LBs available. And depth wise there we aren't bad at all. And were fairly talented there. Same with cb. I'm not sure we continue down the path of adding more rookies. Unless some stud is there in the first round. I could see a FA there as well.

But, hey the mock is good and well-thought.

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