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The two teams that scared me the most are gone


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The only team I was flat out worried about was the Eagles, because it seems no matter how good we are we just crap our pants when we play the Eagles and forget how to play football.

Green Bay is a team I completely respect, but not fear playing. They can certainly beat us. I think it will take our best game of the year to win this game tonight, because GB is hot right now and they're looking to redeem their loss to us in the Dome a short while back.

New Orleans is not a team I feared in the post season this year... they limped into the playoffs and I just didn't consider them a serious threat, despite barely losing to them a few weeks ago. Getting handled by the Seahawks only solidified my opinion that they weren't in a position to make a deep push.

I really don't fear the Bears or Seahawks at all. If we beat Green Bay tonight, it shouldn't be hard to make it to Dallas. There are 3 AFC teams I am very unsettled about playing should we make it to the Super Bowl, though... the Steelers, Ravens, Pats all scare me in a head to head matchup.

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Well I guess I was right about what to kinda expect going into the game. I was pretty nervous going into the game Saturday night, certainly respecting the Packers capability... Rodgers is playing lights out and I've never been comfortable with our secondary this year. I thought we could pull out a close one but man... Green Bay just brought it. Hard way to end the season for us after doing so well.

I still feel really good moving forward though, we'll get there and I don't think we're that far off.

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