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Falcons Mock (1)


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Falcons Free Agents


(props to Snelling44 for the FA write-ups)

TE – Tony Gonzalez – Will likely retire if we win the Superbowl, if not he needs to be re-signed

OT – Tyson Clabo – Our best OL, must be re-signed

OG – Justin Blalock – Has improved his play tremendously

LB – Stephen Nicholas – Been great this year, solid starter, excellent back-up

CB – Brent Grimes(RFA) – One of the top CB’s in the league this year, tender with a 1st and 3rd

K – Matt Bryant – Consistent, we hold onto him until we are certain of his replacement

P – Mike Koenon – No need to let him leave

Release/FA (props to snelling 44 for the write ups)

RB - Jason Snelling- he will want too much money.

RB – Jerious Norwood – Too injury prone

WR – Brian Finneran – Aging vet, will probably retire

OG – Harvey Dahl – Worst of the 3 FA OL, unlikely we bring back all 3, may want too much money

DT – Trey Lewis – Out of the rotation

LB – Mike Peterson – Old, lost a step

LB – Coy Wire – Old, no longer a play maker on ST’s

CB – Brian Williams – Old, not a reliable DB anymore

Atlanta Falcons Mock Draft

1- Aldon Smith DE Missouri

the need for a DE is clear and Smith would be fantastic value here. WE could use a DE to pair with Abraham.

2- Lance Kendricks TE Wisconsin

Kendricks would be great to pair with TG and will take over for him in the future.

3- Leonard Hankerson WR Miami

the 6'3 Hankerson is a stud at the U. He gets great separation and can spread the field, in part due to great size. He would be a great addition. Hankerson could also compete with Jenkins.

4- Derrick Locke RB Kentucky

He would add some speed to our backfield. We could pair him with Turner for a nice combo.

5- Lee Ziemba OT/OG Auburn

Ziemba would be a great depth player. He can play OT and OG.

6- Jonas Mouton OLB Michigan

I really like Mouton and I think he would be a great late round pick. He would add some depth and maybe some competition for Nicholas.

7- Dom Decicco SS Pitt.

He would add some depth at Safety.

7- Ryan Jones CB Northwest Missouri St.

Jones would add some nice depth at CB and is a small school guy who could have some nice potential.

7- Mike Mohamed LB Cal.

The kid straight up produces. He can play OLB and MLB and I have a feeling he will be an absolute stud on special teams.

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hopefully one of these won't be gone by then:

vereen, rodgers, hunter, murray, todman or devine.

I understand what you mean.

Vereen- I really can't see him being available late. Plus he isn't exactly a speed back.

Rodgers- I think Locke is better.

Hunter- I think he will be gone.

Murray- will definitely be gone imho.

Todman- will definitely be gone imho.

Devine- not sure if TD will like him. IDK?

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Good draft, and hits the need areas I have as primary.

What does it look like if we take Charles Johnson (or another FA DE?) I'd really like to get a quality DE and then a solid vet option at either RB, TE, WR and still draft for those offensive positions (i.e., take a Tomlinson type to replace Snelling, and then still draft a pretty early back.) It's just FA is so hard to predict this year.

But anyway, assuming we take FA DE, how does your draft shake out?

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You had me at Aldon Smith. I really like Hankerson too, but I still prefer Jernigan. Also I'd prolly take Devine over Locke but I don't really know a whole lot about Locke yet.

I'm aware Jernigan and Devine are rated higher than both, but I just thought I'd share my opinion.

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Well ken where do i start. I know we have had our differences over the last year. But this is a good mock. A couple of things about it though are. Looks like our dreams of hankerson in the 3rd just took a crap as blackmon and floyd are going back to school prob pushing hankerson in the 2nd now. And im not real sure he would make it that far in the 3rd anyway. So a easy fix might be swapping the 2nd and 3rd, but i also like the TE from arkansas, and maybe he makes it to the 3rd. As far as locke i have no prob with that pick at all and have been saying we need some playmaking speed at that position. If i had any problems with any of this is letting go of dahl and snelling. I agree with you about clabo, but i believe those 2 are kind of a pair of meaness! They are the additude on our line. I know people complain about our line but i think we have a top five o-line in the league right now. But it comes to money as well. And as i want a speed back, i want a speed back with turner and snelling. Getting rid snelling and only picking up locke leaves us a hole as who is his breather back? locke is that 3rd down option. But got to have someone resting turner!

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