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Tyson Clabo - family man


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Great article about Tyson and wife Kendra, and the two children they adopted.

I hope Clabo gets his $$$ really soon... and gets if from Mr. Blank. Clabo is the kind of guy this organization wants and should support.

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Clabo is a great guy, but credit Jim Trotter for taking the time to write an article about a good guy, instead of the status quo of writing about the knuckle heads.

SO true. Thank you Jim Trotter.

One of the underlying reasons I want our Falcons to win the SuperBowl this year is because I want this organization (from the Owner all the way down to the ballboys) to get the recognition from media, fans, and the general public, it NOW deserves for being what is is, stands for/represents, and who these guys are as players and people.

Win... or Lose; I am PROUD to call myself an Atlanta Falcons fan.

Thank you,

Mr. Blank and everyone else in the Falcons' organization

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