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ATLANTA FALCONS most complete team

Guest atl.falcon4ever

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Guest atl.falcon4ever

They whole Green Bay organization knew we were for real the minute we beat them last time. They have played tough opponents the same as us. We have beaten them and most of the teams they have beat. They are good (Packers) but I feel us the Falcons are a better team. We are better coached, just as good players and guess what. We have a defense too.

Falcon fans and everyone else, you do not realize how good we really are. Unless you are like me and watch every play of every game the Falcons play, maybe thats why you do not realize how great this team is. We have more heart than any other team. We never give up. We got a great quarter back, running back, offensive line that can protect Matt Ryan and open up holes for Turner, and a passing game with Pro Bowlers just all over the field. Then we got a nice defensive line that does not wear down like say the Ravens do. Come 4th quarter due to us rotating our d-line and our offense just eating the clock they are fresh the whole game from 1st snap to the last snap. We got some great linebackers,possibly 4 starters in the group. Dunta Robinson making a quarterback almost always look else were due to his reputation alone. You got Grimes who has benefitted at getting all of the attention his way due to lining up opposite Dunta. Our safeties are just as good as just about any other duo in the league. Our special teams from head to toe is just great. They make sure to at least help us win the field position game at least. So we are not the best in the league at any of these I would say. But we are very good at all three phases of the game. Great not elite offense, defense, special teams. With all of those things added up = one he11 of a football team.

Despite what anybody says, the Falcons are not a joke. So anyone reading this just go to our roster, look at our depth chart. Look at how many wins we got. How many loses we got. Who blew us out? Who did we blow out? We have a special team my friends that can light it up at any phase of the game. Thats hard to prepare for. The Green Bay Packers will not be over looking us if they know half of what I know. If I was on any team going to play Atlanta, I would be worried. Best of all, this team is on the rise as a young team, were gonna be around for years. The NFL as a whole already knows this. Do they talk about? Do they like it? Do they no want to give us any credit? We all no the answer to all these questions.

Rise Up Falcon fans

We got something special

A team we can believe in.

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