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Once again i am bringing it back up about the 10 point rule, how ever fellow fans critisize my spelling & typing skills .It pains me because it has nothing too due with being a fan.Heres my point i am nervous about this weekend because i feel only a small portion of the country want too see us in NFCC tite game.The majority of the country would like too see the bears/ pakers in nfcc title game.There fore i think we need too win by atleast 10 points, i feel the refs are gonna be pressured too push the packers too win because of the rivilery with the bears & packers . I hope im wrong.Please take it easy on my spelling sorry i dont have a BA OR AA...Im just a ARMY VET who drives a big rig..........I will be sporting my Erric Peegram jersey this weekend.....

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