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Who do you think has a big game this week


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I'm gonna go on Defense :

JAMMAL ANDERSON--Yeah I said it, I have a feeling Jammal will come up big in this game stopping the run on early downs, and when he cycles inside I have a feeling he will have alot of success using his speed and strength to push the pocket on Aaron Rodgers. I say that because Green Bay is gonna do everything to take away our outside speed rushers and that will leave some good 1 on 1 match-ups on passing downs for Babs/Jerry and Anderson, and Jammal is hard to take on 1 on 1 especialy for Green bays Guards.

On Offense :

MICHAEL JENKINS--I didnt' wanna say Matt Ryan so Jenkin's why, he's big he's strong, he's fast, he's a veteran WR and Green bay pretty much has to go 1 on 1 with him because they have to do something to stop white and gonzo in the passing game. You leave a corner on a island with Jenkins he will eat them up, people just don't notice how good he has been playing because they don't give atlanta any credit, and on top of that White/Gonzo/Ryan and Turner take all the headlines, I have a feeling Jenkins will have alot of space on the outside and Ryan will find him early and often.

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