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Packers Running game is overrated

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It is a joke that I think Terry said after the game that both teams (Us and Pack) have great run games.

I was dumbfounded since the Pack has been dogged all year for lacking one. We all know the Eagles aren't good at stopping the run. They are too small. It has happened every year since Reid has been there

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On any given day, an OL and their RB can rise to the occasion, while ones that normally dominate do not.

Look at our run-O. Some weeks we are busting big holes for Turner without batting an eye...other weeks even against mediocre defenses we cant give him a yard...and he generally cant 'make his own yards' because he lacks lateral agility.

I think our run D will handle the Packers as long as we semi-contain AR's running...and hopefully we can get our running game on track with some intermediate passing completions.

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Good thread.

I am really excited about this game. Troy Aikman yesterday:(in the third quarter) This is the best team ever, that was going in the playoffs at the 6th seed.

They are overrated. They have Mr. Aaron Rodgers 2-13 in games, which are decided by 4 or fewer points.

What a crucial stat!

The running game was good against a Eagles defense, which was atrocius the last weeks.

One stat from the regular season. They were only four teams, which had fewer yards per carry in the regular season.

It was the Rams, Bengals, Seahawks and the Dolpins.

Nothing to say about this running game. Rodgers has to beat us.

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