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The last 2 weeks for GB


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They had a TOUGH Divisional game close throughout. Came down to the final possession after the GB OFFENSE couldnt end the game by converting a 3rd down for a 1st. They ended up winning the game on an INT on a Bad Throw(overthow).

Today. Again Another TOUGH close game. Donald Driver was beat up a bit (knee injury) Again the game came down to the Final Drive after the (almighty) Greenbay Offense couldnt get a 1st down. and again the game ended on a INT on a Bad throw(underthrow).

Basically When it comes down to pressure if we can stay close (Im pretty sure we can if not leading trying to end the game) Their Defense cannot stop a decent offense (bears) or an offense with an injured QB and #1 WR., and when it comes down to pressure well matty ice is just nice. So I dont see anyway Ryan throws a horrible pass to end the game.(knock on wood.)

Just my analysis

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Well, I would've had a lot more confidence in the Falcons if they were playing the Seahawks, but it is what it is. We beat the Packers once this year. It was only by a game-winning field goal, but if we can stick to that same game plan we should be in business. I see Ryan starting off passing a lot. Hopefully we can get a couple good drives early on resulting in some TD's. Green Bay's rushing defense is pretty weak so Turner should do nicely. We all know how cool Matty Ice is under pressure, so we basically need the defense to have a solid day and all should be well.

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Guest atl.falcon4ever

I know stats mean nothing but....

Since 2008 the Falcons are 2-0 vs the Packers and 6-0 vs the NFC North.

I like our chances.

Nice trivia KANE337

Interesting, I really did not know that!

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