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You Stay Classy Atlanta


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Been meaining to let you guys in on this story for a couple of days. Some of you regulars might remember I'm presently languishing in exile (i.e. living in New Orleans). Well, one of the fellas I work with has a son who lives in Atlanta and over the Christmas break he and his son attended the Aints game at the Dome.

Well, when we got back to work after the New Year, he came to see me at the office and said, "Man, those Falcons fans are the nicest people ever. They talked to us and were polite. It was the people from here in New Orleans who were obnoxious." Anyway he spent about 10 minutes telling me that Atlanta fans were classy to the point that they actually made the whole game experience more enjoyable.

Just thought I'd congratulate you guys on making a good impression on a visiting fan and showing him what we Falcons are like - classier than Saints fans. You stay classy Atlanta.

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