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Chizik says calling Fairley "dirty" is absurd


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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Auburn coach Gene Chizik calls talk that his star defensive tackle Nick Fairley is a dirty player "absurd."

Fairley has bodyslammed quarterbacks and knocked three out of games with hard hits. The talk escalated following a late hit on Georgia's Aaron Murray.

Asked Friday if he tries to hurt quarterbacks, Fairley responded, "Of course not."

Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas says the Ducks have "seen a lot of dirty plays, throwing people around after plays."

Chizik stuck up for the Lombardi Award winner. He says if an offense can't block a guy his size, "sometimes he's going to be very aggressive and people are going to get hurt."

Officials in Monday night's BCS National Championship Game might keep a close eye on Fairley.

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To me its gone kind of old. Chizick appears to be a simple puppet and this is what is to be expected. Its like pointing out where Bush or Obama transgressed the Constitution- the offenses are so numerous and the denials so adamant that it simply gets old.

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Guest AtlWhite84

Chizik is a product of his assistants, just like Urban Meyer has been his entire career.

Dan Mullen leaves and an offense with Tim Tebow running the show is pretty average. Charlie Strong leaves the next year and as quickly as you can say "and this is the Prestige!" it all fell apart.

Chizik will prove to be the same way. Malzahn will go on to be a great head man (no homo) somewhere and Ted Roof will likely leave for a better DC position or maybe even another go-round as a head coach and everyone will see how quickly it collapses for Chizik.

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