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UGA sports blog McGarity wants ‘improvement in all areas’ from Dogs in 2011

Cable Guy

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And if the "back to the way he was when he first got here" comment is about mental toughness, that's really good news.

No doubt Richt has softened since he first arrived, and it shows, and has been showing for 3-4 years. That's the one area that hasn't been addressed, IMHO, at least publicly. And I don't blame them for not wanting to talk much about it. That's fine by me, as long as it's addressed.

The last thing I want to see is Richt regurgitating his shortcomings in public.


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Like watching Ray Goff 2.0 in recent years, except Richt really might be THE nicest guy in the world unable to stop the sinking ship. Goff was more of just a nice-guy-good-old-boy that had the HC title.

We all know we're not recruiting for the boy scouts, but we've got too many kids constantly in trouble and top 10 recruiting classes that can't compete for SEC or NC titles and basically have nothing to show at year end...it's a mess. Love Richt as a person, thankful for some very relevant years earlier this decade, but this broken record from 08, 09, and 10 speaks for itself.

I really hope he does turn it around, because I would love for him to be the guy that wins our next NC; however, McGarity must put his money where his mouth is and finally pulls the plug if we're back in Nashville/Memphis/or lose to FL-this trend has really gotten ugly.

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Great read... totally confirms my thoughts on the situation that McGarity isn't allowing himself to be steered by overzealous fans who think a coaching change automatically fixes something.

I think McGarity has a strong focus and great vision on how to get Georgia football to the top. I think he has already shown that he has more power and authority than Damon did.

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Agree with you Carter

I think its pretty interesting that CMR has had so much on his plate and it took McGarity all of one offseason to straighten that crap out

Also, there seems to be a lot more people coming into the respective support staffs to handle the load that Richt was handling by himself or atleast was the point man for

Lots of things are going in the right direction right now and I think it will continue as long as McGarity is here (and Richt IMO)

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