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2010 NFL Next-Level Awards: Quarterbacks

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Cool Under Pressure: Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

Best QB vs. five or more pass rushers

Matt Ryan vs 5 or More Pass Rushers

2010 Season

NFL Rank

Comp pct 64.1 1st

Sacked 7 1st

Passer rtg 100.3 1st

minimum 180 attempts

The Atlanta Falcons had one of the NFL’s most balanced and potent offenses, and Matt Ryan was the catalyst that made the engine purr. Ryan lived up to his nickname “Matty Ice” by being cool under pressure.

When opponents tried to bring defensive heat, it was Ryan who melted the pressure and found the open pieces in his high-octane offense. This season, Ryan was the only quarterback to throw for more than 75 first downs while being sacked fewer than eight times when facing five or more pass rushers.

Other quarterbacks have thrown for more touchdowns and some have thrown for fewer interceptions, but it’s the overall body of work that is impressive about Ryan and it’s the fact that he did so well in so many areas that make him the coolest quarterback under pressure in 2010.

Nice little blurb about Ryan being really **** good against the blitz. For all that is said about Brees being money when blitzed, looks like the best against it is a different NFCS QB. ^_^

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