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Things you predict will happen during our


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Weems returns a kick off to the 45

Our D Line can't seem to hang onto an opposing QB and they complete a 3rd and long in a clutch situation

Matt makes a bad throw on 3rd and short and gets picked off

HD gets a quick out for 6 yards

Jenkins drops an easy ball, but its ok cause he had a 60 yard slant TD

Grimes makes a great play on a pick thats ruled incomplete

We cause a fumble within our own 20 yard line

We allow a 30+ yard running TD

Bryant doesn't miss a FG

We get slashed on a trick play double reverse

Gonzo has 8 catches for 92 yards including some insane fingertip grab that gets reviewed but is a catch

Roddy gets called for pass interference, then next play makes an incredible catch over two defenders

Ryan to Peele on a fake run roll out for a TD

Our D line bats the ball up and Peterson comes down with it

Mike Smith gets really angry and slams down his headset

and last but not least...

Finneran comes up with the biggest first down in Falcons history

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We will have 3 penalties the entire postseason, 2 of them will be on William Moore for destroying some poor souls that weren't looking. Ryan will be sacked 3 times. All given up by Sam baker. Roddy white will score 3 touchdowns, hd will have 3 catches , and we will win 3 games all by ... drumroll please.............a combined 33 points .

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