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Got the Hat, Got the T-Shirt and I got....


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The Playoff tickets are beautiful. They both have "Rise Up" on them. The first game says "NFL Playoffs" (NFL is the NFL Logo.) The Second ticket is the NFC Championship Ticket (which we WILL surely use!) has the word "N Championship" on the NFC Trophy (which will surely be ours!).

The two tickets are "three pieced," centered between a picture of a Falcons huddle with Matty "#2" knelling and calling the play. These are beautiful tics! They will go on my sports shelf...

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but are you not the person who's been going on and on about how you would cheer yourself silly for Vick if we meet Philly in the NFCCG?

Do you have Falcon Tickets? I do, and have had them for years; way before MV7. I am a Falcons fan. Billy White Shoes Johnson. The 49ers were our rivalary for years! Are you to young to remember that? Fulton County Stadium (FCS) BABY! You been to FCS? I was at the last game at FCS; I am the domeOfPain. We represent in section 123! What section u pay tickets for again and for how many years before MV7?


Yes, MV7 is a former Falcons player that I will never (EVER)disrepect.

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