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Okay ... lifetime Falcon fan here ... so I will try to do a little better than our favorite 22 wonderlicker analyst ...

Trent "You must score more points than the Falcons to beat them" Difler...


And ...

Skip "Brees will scratch your eyes out" Bayless ...


Not rocket science ... but from a Falcons Fan perspective ... my top 5.

1. Pass to set up the run ... we have the weapons (MJ/HD/JS will be peaking)...

2. With our improving secondary ... blitz ... blitz ... blitz

3. Return to fundamentals - Stop the run. No turnovers. No Penalties. Contain end-arounds.

4. MM needs to put in the extra time like BVG did ... more creative game planning.

5. Finish plays when the opposing QB is on the ropes ...

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We need to have unnoticed weapons like Douglas and Mughelli to be used in the passing game. (By that I also mean that they need to make these plays when it happens.)

Ovie is going to the probowl as a blocking fullback. People forget that he can move with the ball well.

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