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Appreciation for Matt Ryan: Erased Black Mark From Falcon Record Book


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There are certain things that an NFL Franchise does NOT want; ie., I think we can all agree that an NFL team should avoid losing to another team after that team's owner has written a letter of apology to their fans. [And, in fact, the Falcons swept the Panthers after Richardson sent such a letter this season. Blight avoided. Well done!]

So I think we can also agree that a franchise should avoid having Jeff George in their record book for anything positive.

I don't know if Jeff George has any other records with the Falcons anymore, but at least he no longer has the single season completion record.

Thank you, Matt Ryan, for eliminating that particular blight from the Atlanta Falcons' organization.

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Y'know, I actually DID feel better after I heard the announcers say that Matt beat out Jeff George for that Falcons record. :D

I didn't know it at the time that the whiny poofta owned that in our record books. I am so glad that a real QB that I can respect owns it now.

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