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Falcons are Doing it Right


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The Falcons are making great personnel choices on a bang for the buck basis. The "other" best team in the NFL Patriots are right there with the Falcons on salary outlay.

I highlighted division opponents that we managed to go 5-1 on this year for effect. Looks like the Falcons are doing things right. The Dolphins are pathetic on many levels but "for the money" they truly stink.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I assume we had no cap hit leftover from YKW this year.

NFL Team Payrolls

Rk Player Salary (US$)


1 Dolphins $136,536,261

2 Giants $136,255,746

3 Texans $121,943,610

4 Saints $121,552,424

5 Bears $120,672,110

6 Jets $120,634,420

7 Steelers $119,292,960

8 Chargers $116,558,935

9 Packers $113,959,603

10 Panthers $112,963,398

11 Bills $110,799,226

12 Titans $109,486,770

13 Ravens $108,880,797

14 Raiders $108,020,490

15 Jaguars $106,879,214

16 49ers $106,148,952

17 Colts $103,360,985

18 Eagles $102,285,815

19 Broncos $101,658,735

20 Cardinals $101,458,306

21 Redskins $99,953,611

22 Lions $99,910,434

23 Vikings $99,802,010

24 Rams $99,397,892

25 Patriots $95,977,133

26 Falcons $95,062,952

27 Browns $93,932,182

28 Bengals $93,840,588

29 Cowboys $90,340,939

30 Seahawks $88,765,820

31 Buccaneers $84,592,822

32 Chiefs $80,624,650

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Guest atl.falcon4ever

I'm surprised to see the Cowboys at the bottom

Me too, I figured them as the Yankees of spending in the NFL. Well Jerry Jones can spend some money this year. I bet he will with that season......lol

So are we so low on the cap due to losing Michael Vick's hit toward the cap. And if we are that low indeed we are doing it right. But have some players to re-sign or let walk this off season. And I don't really want to lose anyone, but if Thomas Dimitroff is truely like the Patriots he will let the players who want big salary increases walk I think. Can't argue with success but will be sad to lose any of them.

also I can not believe the Redskins are so low. I mean I guess I just look at them as foolish spenders with the Albert Haynesworth deal but I figured them to be way higher on list also.

Not arguing with list, but almost hard to believe thats the orders that the teams fall in line.

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Whoops - The above list was 2009, however I found an interesting article on Forbes. Although the list was off by a year - we are still doing it right.

"The second-best performance for the money this season was turned in by the red-hot Atlanta Falcons, who won nine of their last 10 games to take the top seeding in the NFC for the playoffs. With a payroll of $96.4 million, seventh-lowest in the league, the Falcons shelled out $7.4 million in payroll per win."

This was kinda funny.... :lol:

"The least cost-effective team with at least 10 wins is the New Orleans Saints, who paid nearly $12 million for each of their 11 wins."

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2010 Year / Total Payroll

NFL Teams Total Payroll

NFL Oakland Raiders Team Salaries $ 152,389,371

NFL Dallas Cowboys Team Salaries $ 146,401,600

NFL Minnesota Vikings Team Salaries $ 133,354,045

NFL Cleveland Browns Team Salaries $ 131,916,300

NFL New Orleans Saints Team Salaries $ 131,531,820

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Team Salaries $ 128,815,061

NFL Tennessee Titans Team Salaries $ 126,017,443

NFL Arizona Cardinals Team Salaries $ 122,110,110

NFL Jacksonville Jaguars Team Salaries $ 122,109,207

NFL Chicago Bears Team Salaries $ 120,065,819

NFL San Francisco 49ers Team Salaries $ 118,766,239

NFL New York Jets Team Salaries $ 116,910,097

NFL St. Louis Rams Team Salaries $ 116,677,660

NFL New York Giants Team Salaries $ 115,816,180

NFL Miami Dolphins Team Salaries $ 114,649,660

NFL Buffalo Bills Team Salaries $ 113,364,927

NFL Carolina Panthers Team Salaries $ 112,114,711

NFL Washington Redskins Team Salaries $ 111,963,684

NFL San Diego Chargers Team Salaries $ 111,813,340

NFL Cincinnati Bengals Team Salaries $ 109,727,880

NFL Philadelphia Eagles Team Salaries $ 109,557,398

NFL Houston Texans Team Salaries $ 108,445,418

NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Salaries $ 104,329,311

NFL Seattle Seahawks Team Salaries $ 102,985,710

NFL Atlanta Falcons Team Salaries $ 96,391,525

NFL Detroit Lions Team Salaries $ 95,827,117

NFL Denver Broncos Team Salaries $ 95,599,778

NFL Green Bay Packers Team Salaries $ 94,018,300

NFL Indianapolis Colts Team Salaries $ 93,373,915

NFL New England Patriots Team Salaries $ 92,734,120

NFL Baltimore Ravens Team Salaries $ 90,713,965

NFL Kansas City Chiefs Team Salaries $ 83,623,776

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this is what I love to see. Now as long as they are smart about resigning FA's instead of falling into the trap of overpaying them to keep them like most newly successful teams do, then we can have prolonged success just like the patriots

Stop it the Falcons under this regime make 1 splash in FA to fix the position they feel they can't address in the draft we will never be like these big spending teams like the Redskins and others.

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I was wondering, after Vick signs his megadeal will we get some of the cap money back? I know there will be a line of creditors and banks lined up and Artie will be on the list. At the time I remember the team has to actually recover the money to be used and we know how that worked out.

With the new cba this is probably a moot point.

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I was wondering, after Vick signs his megadeal will we get some of the cap money back? I know there will be a line of creditors and banks lined up and Artie will be on the list. At the time I remember the team has to actually recover the money to be used and we know how that worked out.

With the new cba this is probably a moot point.

it will be off the books this year, if it already wasn't after last season. the hit comes the season following the release, depending on the release date.

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Interesting stuff, but you have to look at these lists with an element caution. To interpret the figures, you really need to know what they include and how they are calculated.

For example, some lists only include base salaries, and have no regard to signing bonuses, roster bonuses and incentives that affect the cap. Others include the whole of all bonuses in the year that they is paid (including signing bonuses, which are of course pro-rated for salary cap purposes) meaning that a team who drafts high and/or made an expensive FA signing can appear high in the list one year, but drop back down very the nest season.

Saying that, we are unquestionably in great financial shape right now, becasue we've built heavily through the draft. The benefit of hoarding picks and building through the draft is than most draft picks and RFA's have very cap friendly deals (e.g. Blalock's 2010 cap hit is only $810k, Hawley £440k, Johnson $480.5k, Douglas $647k, Weems $475k, Bierman $513k, Sidbury $505k, Peters $511k, Lofton $908k, Nicholas $519k, Decoud $615k, Moore $670k, Owens $567k). The challenge for us will come when our best young players become unrestricted free agents, when they will expect - and will have earned - sizeable contracts.

According to my cap spreasheet, if there were a salary cap this year our team cap hit (incluiidng pro-rated signing bonuses) this year exceeds $108m. I've no doubt that the real fugure is closer to $120m, as I don't have full information on some of the bigger contracts. For example, I my $108m doesn't inlcuded a figure for Weaherspoon (as I don't have an accurate cap number for him) and the cap number that I have down for Matt Ryan is too low (as he has about $40m of bonuses and incentives in his contract that I have been unable to attribute to particular cap years).

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