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Sup, NFCS Champs? Haven't posted in a while, just wanted to chat while we endure the sweetest week where the Falcons won't be playing since I can remember. Let me know where you were wrong or right too, or where you disagree. Here's my requested crow and told-you-so's from my pre-season projections.

Sad to be wrong/right about:

Wrong: Baker - Weak link on the OL, thought he'd have a great season and be our 2nd/3rd best lineman if he was reasonably healthy. Haven't given up all hope, though.

Wrong: Biermann - Good season, but I wanted to see more and more meaningful stops and sacks. He did show me, however, that he'll continue to get better and better.

Wrong: Douglas - Didn't bounce back like I thought he would.

Wrong: Meier - :(

Right: Norwood - Injured... Watching his highlights depresses me to think I would be okay with someone else taking his roster spot next year.

Right: Jerry - Meh season. I predicted he'd play something like every other 3rd down and have minimal impact. I see him stepping up next year though.

Glad to be wrong/right about:

Wrong: Bryant - Knew he'd be better than 2009 Elam, but I was so cautious I was thinking an average season. What clutch guy he's been for us this year. His best year of his career, I'd bet.

Wrong: Abe - Thought he'd be 7-9 sack guy who'd definitely be cut/traded next year... Pro Bowl! Props to the predator.

Wrong: Ryan - Thought he'd have a 2:1 TD:INT with about 25 TDs and 3300 yards... Dude is so clutch we should call him the Lamborghini, and has better than a 3:1 TD:INT ratio and nearly 30 TD passes, Pro Bowl!

Wrong: Coleman/Moore - Never thought Coleman would be unseated this year, and doubted Moore's ability to stay healthy. Moore has been a b-b-beast overall.

Wrong: Blalock - This guy actually stepped it up and been silently solid.

Right: D-Rob - Took a good while to adjust and didn't have an amazing season, but helped immensely. He'll be getting better and better. I can't wait to see our secondary play next year.

Right: Ovie - Pro Bowl.

Right: Weems - Solid as they come on returns and coverage, and proved he can bring it back for a TD.

Right: Grimes - Solid and should have been voted to the Pro Bowl. Illegitimate son of Spider-Man.

Right: Turner - Not 2008 Turner, but more 2008 than 2009 and got in the the Pro Bowl.

Right: White - Showed his stuff all season, Pro Bowl.

Right: Snelling - One of our MVPs. Glad he got his props.

Right: Peters - I like this guy a lot in rotation.

Right: JA98 - Another baby step -- I'll take it.

Right: BVG / Mularky - Both had great years. BVG is finally getting fast ballhawks and Mularky got his play-action back. I think we'll improve on both sides of the ball too, next year, for various reasons.

What about you?

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