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so, who's getting the Highland Mint 24k Gold Coin?


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hence the $35 price tag. It's not supposed to be worn. It's a shelf piece

It would look out of place next to my real coins. If it were solid silver at that price I'd buy one but not a fake gold coin.

I am hoping for a reason to buy this:


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If we win the NFC Championship and Super Bowl, I plan on getting a replica George Halas Trophy and Lombardi. I'm going to have to fight my wife about it but it's so worth it haha. The Lombardi replicas can be had anywhere from $55-$2000. I think I would go the $100-$200 range. I've seen those in person (fantasy football trophy in a friend's league) and they are of decent quality. For the George Halas (NFC) a trophy, it might be more costly because there aren't replica's readily available. I know a trophy guy that I'll probably commission to make the copy for me but either way, it would be an honor for me to commemorate these accomplishments by my team with two trophies in my own home. I consider myself as much a part of a team as anyone else and think I deserve it if we can go all the way.




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