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Seahawks made NFL history now onto the saints!


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First of all:

Congrats to the 2010 Seattle Seahawks, you set a NFL record for the first playoff appearance of any NFL team with a losing record!

Why is this falcons related?

They face the Saints in week 1 of the playoffs.

I realize its a last minute hail mary, but hang in there with me....

What if:

The Seahawks become the first team in NFL history to make it to the playoffs with a losing record?............ (Check!)

The Seahawks host the first playoff game against the Saints in their house in week one, and actually win? Thus dethroning the defending Super Bowl champs, knocking them out of the playoffs, and further cementing their record setting year.

I personally want a rematch against the Saints myself, but if the Seahawks do it for us, I would be ok with that as well.

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