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Anyone have a video of the Moore hit?


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Hate to rush u but when can we expect tht :) and jst a soundtrack sugestion *The game- red light*....can u tell I'm excited?? Lol

just like you ...I'm in Cali & lil antsy to see all the defensive plays.

what I dont get about NFL RED ZONE ....that, they didn't show a SINGLE red zone defensive play by falcons.

Bloody wankers!

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Real Talk. Moore was a beast today. No doubt about it.

OH Yeah!!! There was one hit he made where I thought they were going to treat it like an NBA game, you know where they come out with the mops and start cleaning up the playing area, only these dude's probably needed some toilet paper to clean the area up. WOW! Moore put the hurt on that dude.

LOL, notice I said HIT, there was no need for a tackle. :lol:

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