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the 2009 falcons D produced 28 sacks

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this year we have 28 sacks again but through 15 games. i bet we best last season's team total today, but i would love to see this team approach 40-50 sacks a season and 40-50 TDs scored offensively as a team. last year we had 44 TD's, this year we have 43. last year we gave up 38 TD's, this year 34.

i hope we break last year's mark of 44 TD's which we only need two to do. only need one sack. i hope we dont allow any TD's, but especially not 4 or 5. offensively we are doing pretty good, like i said, i want to break 50 TDs next year which is not far off. we need to strive for atleast 30 sacks before we think about 40 much less 50.

it would be so awesome to see our team dominate like that though.

the colts are 2nd with 49 TD's this year, followed by the eagles and chargers with 48. the patriots have scored 60 TD's in 15 games this year.

the giants, chargers, and steelers lead the league in sacks with 44. the falcons super bowl team had 55 sacks and were second to the saints 59. three teams tied for 3rd with 54. 50 is not an uncommon threashhold to break in team sacks OR TD's.

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