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The good things we can take away from last night.


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Since everybody wants to talk about all the bad things, I thought I'd talk about some of the good things I saw last night.

1. Overall defensive performance. Allowed 280 yards total. That's 82 on the ground and 198 in the air. I'd say that is a big improvement. We looked a lot better on defense. The one thing I can complain about is the fundamental tackling. It has been a problem all year and continues to be one. Those guys need to put on a seminar or something to eliminate the yards after contact.

2. Branden Smith played really well at corner.

3. Ogletree is a monster. We already knew this but it's nice to see him really start hitting people. We got a small taste of things to come with him.

4. Christian Robinson knocked the piss out of some guy last night. We're going to need him to step up next year.

Non-defense positives:

1. TK is starting to step up. Anybody see that one handed snag of his? That was pretty tight.

2. Ealey ran HARD. I mean he was giving it everything he had and then some. Too bad our o-line looks like a bunch of sissies out there. If he had decent blocking we would have run on those guys all day.

That's about all the positive I can think of. Main thing I took away from the game: Grantham is finally putting it together.

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Good post. I would say I agree with all of it.

- I also thought Rambo played a pretty good game at safety. We have to remember he's just a sophomore.

- Abry Jones also had an outstanding game, he seemed to always be getting good penetration.

- Cornelius Washington knocked the **** out of their QB once, that was good to see.

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Man I swear i was thinking the same thing about Rambo...people just got spoiled off how much better he played than our safeties in 09...Abry Jones rocked Godfrey once too, he's gonna be great with bigger guys in the middle and DeAngelo Tyson on the edge. I just hope Christian Robinson can add 10-15 pounds in the offseason, he's such a smart player, he just doesn't have the size and power of Dowtin. I like that our LBs will be so experienced for next year, i hope the S&C changes are enough to turn our O-line and D-line play around. Boykin made a nice play with his INT, hopefully that wasn't enough to distract him from how great next year can be for his draft status.

On offense, T. King made some great plays, and like you said, Ealey ran hard. I hope he can put it all together next year.

Does anyone know when the S&C staff will be finalized? Also, when do off-season workouts start? This could be one of the longest off-seasons ever for me.

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Smith/Boykin played well

Rambo/Olg played very well gave nice hope for 2011

LB played well cant wait for the JJ/RS to finish this unit

DL played well but showed again with the gaping hole up the gut that we need a new NT (Jenks) to stop this easy run

OL got pounded I will go no further on the positive post

WR I was pleased with King (the one down the sideline late he was grabbed and shoved) I even liked the catch Marlon made I was thinking we were about to cut him loose to show us something but he was pulled of the field the next play.

RB Ealey ran well but it showed our depth this year was weak. we need Ken and IC to add to this next year so we can pound it when needed.

AM is still good he just had a bad night at the wrong time he is very competitive so he will work hard to make sure this doesn't happen again. FYI never wear the glove again.

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Agree with all the above. The defense was excellent, especially considering all the turnovers and 3-and-outs that gave the CFU offense advantages. The defense played plenty well enough to win the game.

I'm very excited about Murray, despite his poor showing last night. I think he's going to be a DGD and I am a big fan of his already. I love his work ethic and talent. Kid's a gamer too. I think he's going to learn a lot from this season.

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