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2010 Falcons--In Season Improvments


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Looking back at box scores and threads I'm REALLY impressed at the in season progression of this team.

1) Early on we were cursed with "bigplayitis." Big plays for our opponents are now more rare than expected.

2) Early on we were giving up 10+ in almost every 1st quarter. Recently that has been rare (MNF was an exception).

3) The run game gashes us early on. No one seems to run on us now.

4) Grimes has become the player his supporters have always claimed he was. He is still improving. Early in the season the book on the Falcons defense was still to pick on Grimes. Now, not so much.

Now lets look back and compare this team to last years team. I see one notable improvement. I'll call it team maturity.

1) We take care of our business. Weak teams have scared us, but none have beaten us. Not having that let down game is a sign that this team is becoming elite.

Don't think any of that changes this week. This team will handle their business in a very workmanlike fashion. As long as we stay healthy there is no reason we can't win it all. We've progressed to the level where we can compete with anyone in the league, even when we are a little bit off. You have to look no further back than our last game.

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