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what F/A's do you want to keep/let go?

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i want to re-sign

1-tyson clabo

2-harvey dahl

3-micheal koenen

4-stephen nicholas

5-coy wire

6-tony gonzalez

let sign elsewhere

1-justin blalock

2-mike peterson

guys i would like to see upgraded

1-antone smith

2-gartrell johnson

3-spencer adkins

4-WLB(we have to replace our F/A's lost in peterson and blalock)

5-OG(mike johnson should replace blalock so just need a back up which could be jose valdez)

6-brian finneran(hopefully kerry meier will be healthy and take this spot)

7-coy wire(i'd like a draft pick to take his spot but just to cover ourselves in case draft is thin at LB when we pick.)

8-JA98 (once and for all)

9-trey lewis

guys i'd like to see in their places.

1-bilal powell

2-stanley havili

3-mario harvey

4-mason foster

5-zane taylor

6-kerry meier healthy

7-malcolm smith

8-cameron jordan

9-ronald johnson

if we signed charles johnson and traded davis in addition to this i would love where our 53 man roster stood.

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WR-white, douglas, weems, johnson

QB-ryan, redman, wilson

RB-turner, snelling, powell

FB-mughelli, havili

TE-gonzalez, peele, palmer, or branson

WR-jenkins, meier

RT-clabo, reynolds

RG-dahl, valdez/taylor

OC-mcclure, hawley

LG-johnson, valdez/taylor

LT-baker, svitek

RDE-abraham, biermann

RDT-peters, walker

LDT-babinaux, jerry

LDE-johnson, jordan, sidbury

LB-nicholas, foster

LB-lofton, harvey

LB-weatherspoon, wire or smith

FS-decoud, shillinger

SS-moore, coleman, bush?

CB-robinson, owens, (rd 7 pick or UDFA)

CB-grimes, franks




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