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Somebody breaks into your house while you're fapping


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  1. 1. What do you grab?

    • A camera, no one will believe this!
    • another magazine, the mood is broken on that one
    • Nothing, my hands are already full

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I remember the Sears and JC Penney catalogs well...flash forward several years to when the Victoria Secret catalog came in the mail...compare and contrast.


For the record.. and for the ladies reading this thread, I only wear Colonial Made to Measure underwear Made by colonial knitting mills, Wabash Ave, Chicago Illinois.


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The gentleman above is confusing me. Correct me if I'm wrong....is he working out in his "men's hosiery" while wearing dress shoes?

Just out of curiousity....where can I find a pair?

What else could he wear to work out in? I have a seven pairs I wear to the gym. They are all the same color as his except each of mine have the day of the week sewn on them.

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Guest Regular Guy

Exactly...why use a mag when you can get HD with a click of the button

Aren't you forgetting an "A" and a "R" in there :P

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