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silver lining to PHI's choke job last night

Kaptain Krazy

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i'm sure PHI would have preferred the #2 seed and the bye during round 1, but the way the cookie crumbled, they'll end up with pretty much the same result.

locked into the #3 seed, they don't have to do anything this Sunday and Reid is already hinting at sitting Vick.

meanwhile, their most likely opponent - Green Bay - will be playing the #2 seed Bears in the frozen tundra, HAVING to win to make the playoffs. i.e., they can't sit Rodgers, who will be facing a tough DL most of the game.

if GB isn't the opponent, it'll be NYG, who will be on the road, against a division rival that suddenly has found life through the unlikely QBing of Rex Grossman.

either way, PHI will be resting its key players while its 1st round opponent will be fighting for their playoff lives in tough divisional games. '

not a bad consolation prize after choking at home to a 5-9 team playing their 3rd string QB (aka, their 5th string WR).

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Either way they are playing 3 games in 12 or 13 days and all will most likely be in cold weather. That's a lot of football...

no doubt. and it should be noted that most of their players won't be getting rest, they will be playing. but i'm expecting Vick to be listed as inactive by gametime. Kolb gets some much needed reps and Vick gets to recuperate.

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