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Vegas line is ATL by 14 1/2


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The game opened with the Falcons favored by 9 pts. Its now up to 14 1/2! If that trend continues...we could see Atlanta favored by 17-18 pts by kickoff.

Looks like an Atlanta blowout....I think it will be!

I say Atlanta wins 38-3. No offensive urgency in that last game folks...it was plain to see after reviewing the game on dvr. Ryan and co are going to be like wild caged animals with the commencement of this game. Almost feel sorry for Carolina...they are in for a serious beat down...especially if our D shows up like it did against the Saints.

I know one should not overlook or underestimate any team...but sometimes there are obvious blowouts and this looks like one to me.

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listened to the Bill Simmons podcast with his cousin Sal, where they guess lines, and it was recorded the day of MNF. they noted that the line cousin Sal saw (ATL -9) would be influenced by the MNF outcome - if NO won, the line would jump b/c ATL had something to play for.

now that we know that is the case, it shouldn't move much off of 14.5

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