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If Falcons Make Superbowl, Would you throw a Party


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I might do a party but all guest would have to go through an application process. I hate going to Super Bowl parties and 3/4 of the people there are just there because of the word "party" and chit-chat throughout the entire game. That's when the Falcons AREN'T playing. It would be worse if they are.

Here's a short questionnaire I suggest you have them fill out to decide if they can attend:

1) Name the stadium the Atlanta Falcons play their home games in.

2) Name at least five players on the Falcons roster.

3) What is the name of our head coach?

4) Prior to this season, when was the last time the Falcons reached the Super Bowl.

5) What year did we draft our starting quarterback?

6) What college did our starting running back go to?

7) Name three players in the Falcons "Ring of Honor"?

8) Who is the Falcons all-time leading receiver (in yardage)?

9) Which coach led the "Grits Blitz" defense?

10) What year did the Falcons come into existence?

A score of 70% or better will gain you admittance. Most true fans should be able to pull that off rather easily.

1.) The Prime Time Dome

2.) Keith Brookings, Michael Vick, Eugene Robinson, Patrick Kerney, Crisp Houston

3.) Jim Mora Sr.

4.) 2004

5.) 2001

6.) He was undrafted...duh!

7.) Dieon Sanders, Brett Favre, and Eugene Robinson

8.) Jerious Norwood

9.) GritzBlitzer..duh! READ HIS NAME ON THESE FORUMS

10.) 2001 when we drafted YKW


Where is my ticket to the party :P :wub:


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As for what I will be doing for the superbowl if the Falcons make it. I will be playing in my sandbox, until 4 in the morning until the game comes on. Then I will be sitting on my bed with laptop in stow, and talking to other Falcons fans half way across the world who are watching.

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I'm not going to lie and this is probably going to sound nuts but 1/2 of me would want to take a small t.v., turn my cell phone off, turn all the lights off in crib, put a towel over my head, and watch that game alone in a closet where no one could see me going crazy with EVERY down. I would want us to win that bad. That 1/2 of me I guess would be called my ID.

The sane half of me will probably watch it at some gathering, you know they'll be hundreds of them around town here in the "A", with some friends and try not to let that insane Falcon fan that wants this so bad he's about to have an aneurysm out for anyone to see.

We win the Superbowl though, AND ALL BETS ARE OFF!! :lol:

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For those of us that are not rich enough to get tickets to Dallas, what would you do. Party hosted, a Sports bar, Watch normally at home, etc.

Well my friends and I have always had superbowl parties, and we rotate locations. I haven't hosted one yet, but I picked this year because I have the best TV to watch the black and red hoist that shiny thing.

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I went to a party and ended up watching it laying on their couch with 2 blankets on me as I came down with the flu or something...

I was the same way Cappy.

Wrapped up in blankets on the sofa and fading in and out of consciousness.

I remember when my son woke me up to tell me about Eugene Robinson. :(

But to answer the question: No, I don't think I would like a Superbowl party in that instance--I would like to watch the game without a lot of distraction.

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I remember in 98' cooking redhorse suckers with a few friends before the game under the carport(wet miserable day)I also remeber my wife not being home and I had to start the VCR myself. Bad idea. A couple of days later I checked my tape and the 1st half I had taped the Home Shopping Network.I don't drink anymore so maybe I can figure out the DVR this time!


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I would watch it alone and in silence. Just like I like it. Never been into getting drunk and running around sports bars during atlanta games. Now during any other game I would. But when atlanta is on the tv I want silence

That might be the way I go. I would not feel good with noise if the game is close. If it is a blowout I would be happy and ready to party.

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For those of us that are not rich enough to get tickets to Dallas, what would you do. Party hosted, a Sports bar, Watch normally at home, etc.

If I don't find a way to go, then I will watch it at home with my wife, and I will re-enact the days events/preparations I made for the 98 NFCG. I will get a mini keg of Bud, then go and pick up hot wings from the same Chinese restaurant that I used to frequent (even though it is a 40 mile drive for me now), and I will break out the same t-shirt I had on that day. I saved the T and the empty mini keg with the Bud logo on it. I wish I would have done these same things for the SB. **** you Eugene Robinson!

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