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Piggybacking on the "we need mods and boot trolls" threads that have sprung up throughout the season.

So, it's pretty simple (mainly for the trolls)

Step 1: Post troll's name...that's all. No comments. Just name.

Bonus Step: copy/paste something "brilliant" they may have posted. Let's give credit where credit is due.

See? One step...pretty easy.

Go Falcons!

Be Safe.

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"Brees got "knocked around"? Only one sack and pressure from constatly blitzing doesn't = "knocked around". Favre and Warner got knocked around by the Saints last year. Big difference."

From what I could find it looks like the "Big difference"? is if I'm not mistaken Favre didn't get sacked in that game. Hurried? Yes, sacked? No.

Warner was sacked once and threw 1 pick.

Difference is last year the Saints had an offense that could put up 30-40 points on ANYBODY....this year they don't. Their offense and Defense don't look as good as last year. Yet another case of memory failing.

Okay...Bonus step...feel free to add comments.

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