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Matty, Gonzo, Abraham,weems,are all in the Probowl!


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I’m really happy for our Falcon’s who were selected for the Pro Bowl, but just as proud as the ones who didn’t. Our OL has been nothing short of sensational this season but often gets little credit. Our DL has also kept our playoff hopes alive and is a big reason for our success so far this year. IMHO, those hard workers surrounding the selectee are too often the overlooked heroes.

Congrats to our Falcons selected! However, the true success of this organization will be measured by Division, Conference, and then League Championships conquered.

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Y'all SO need to stop calling him Matty. That sounds so........um........not manly If u get my drift!

Do you REALLY want to complaint to someone name "T-Falcon" about calling Ryan "Matty"???

Let's just be thankful that he's not calling him "MattyCD" or "Sissy Matt"

(Oh, I see he's from Tennessee, never mind.)

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Hall is a joke. he picked off the most INT'ed BB of the season 4 times, and has done nothing more than get toasted all year besides that.

Like Cutler said, even after the 4 INT game. everytime he picked him off he still kept throwing because he knows Hall is trash. He would do the same thing again.

You are more likely to toast Hall than get picked by him. 6 picks, prolly gave up 15 TDs though.

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